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Yoga & Meditation Day Retreat

Yoga & Meditation Day Retreat

December 21, 2017

Join Deep Yoga Teachers, Liz Myers & Nicole Pisciotto for a centering day at this gorgeous yoga and nature retreat center, just 1 hour East of San Diego. Nestled at the southern end of 165 acres of property surrounded by mountains in the high desert of Southern California.  January 27, 2018 9:30am – 4:00pm This day will […]

Rudra Yoga 4 : Path of Tantra

Rudra Yoga 4 : Path of Tantra

December 20, 2017

The Rudra Yoga Program is a complete teaching of yoga presented in 20 courses over 5 years (2017-2021).  It reconnects us to our spiritual roots, seeded in various times, places, cultures and traditions, through the philosophies and techniques of movement, breath, sound and meditation.  It includes making conscious the full spectrum of the human experience […]

Ecovillage Community Gathering

Ecovillage Community Gathering

August 18, 2017

Recently Liberty Advance teamed up with Joshua Alvord’s Local Earth Project to host a forum on the construction of an “eco village” in Southern California. Participants were encouraged to collaborate and partake in discussions on various components of the village, from it’s environmental impact to the governance of the people.

Southern California’s High Desert Spiritual Retreat Center


Liberty Advance is one of my favorite places to go for retreat- the minute I arrive, I feel a sense of calm and relaxation fall over me. We love hosting retreats, immersions and trainings here because it is so close to nature, peaceful and beautiful. Amazing climbing, and hiking is literally right outside your room.  After a long day of activity, the outdoor hot tub, steam bath and cold pool are a huge plus!  It is far enough away from the city, that you can completely remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of regular everyday life, but it’s not to far away from a major airport, making it easy to travel to.

– Chelsey Magness, Yogaslackers Retreat Leader

Chelsey Magness

Liberty Advance is a special place because of the amazing high desert geography and the facilities themselves. There are many beautiful vistas to been seen; the rocky outcroppings seen from the yoga room,  the spacious decks around the retreat center, and the pool and hillside hot tub / sauna. One can spend time in a quiet corner reading , sitting out by the pool, soaking in the hot tub, or meandering along the trails. One can feel the spiritual tradition held by this retreat center.

The meals were both hearty and healthy, and the cook educated us about our meals as well. The staff (more…)

Paul Tucci

Before selecting Liberty Advance for my retreat, I researched several facilities. But, ultimately I chose Liberty Advance because it offered over 100 acres of land available for exploration along with hot/cold tubs and a steam room, the ability to have food provided, an affordable option to pay per participant, yoga mats and other props and the privacy of being the only group on site. Their set-up took care of a lot of the logistical elements, so I could focus on teaching.

After experiencing the weekend with my participants, Liberty Advance not only offered the physical (more…)

Jeanie Barat