Rudra Yoga 2 : Hatha Yoga I

The Rudra Yoga Program is a complete teaching of yoga presented in 20 courses over 5 years (2017-2021).  It reconnects us to our spiritual roots, seeded in various times, places, cultures and traditions, through the philosophies and techniques of movement, breath, sound and meditation.  It includes making conscious the full spectrum of the human experience through waking, dreaming, deep sleep, death, conception and rebirth.

Rudra Yoga 2 : Hatha Yoga I
Physical Systems & Developing Breath

July 20-27, 2017
$895  Full Course Rate ($795 Early Bird by June 21)
$475 Weekend Rate ($425 Early Bird by June 21)
[Weekend days Friday through Monday]

for multiple retreat pricing please inquire at

We will explore the physical system through exercises, breathing techniques and sound practices which focus on developing awareness of skeletal alignment, moving function and increased breathing function. The synchronicity of body movement with breath and mental focus creates a proper container to store energy needed for the expansion of awareness. Ordinary activities of a human, such as eating, sleeping, bathing, speaking, working, playing and sex are performed with awareness to build energy.

Course Curriculum :

Morning Hatha Yoga
Yoga Philosophy, Diet & Lifestyle
Anatomy: Skeletal & Muscular System
Posture Clinic
Sacred Siddha Mantras
Meditation: RudraFlo
Healing: Hawaiian Energetics & Healing Clinic

Costs include:

Course Instruction
Vegetarian Meals with Meat Options
Healing Sessions

This is a program for learning to stabilize one’s state and to grow in the ability to love, to create beauty, and be of service as a conscious force on the planet. Come and be nourished by the healing energy of the mountains, enjoy community with friends old and new, and explore the Indian practices and techniques of Hatha Yoga. This program is open to all students, no previous experience necessary.

Learn More about the Rudra Yoga Program Here


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