Liberty is Arising!

Dear Friends,

We’re excited share with you that we’re changing our name! Why? Well, we feel that we’ve outgrown the name Liberty Advance. Long ago we were called Liberty Retreat then our community noticed that people weren’t really retreating, they were advancing. So the name Liberty Advance was born and has been serving us for many years, witnessing countless people advance during their time here on the land. And now we’re noticing that we’re not only advancing, we’re Arising!

So it’s time for yet another transformation. We’re shedding our skin and rising up together in community with love and joy and an invitation for you to join us, in whatever way you feel inspired to be involved.

As we make this change we’re launching a brand new website  where you can stay up to date with our community, events, retreats, and more! Feel free to also connect with us on Instagram and Facebook. If you’d like to receive our quarterly newsletter you can sign up here.



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